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These are newer, simplified versions of the farming trackers. If you are looking for the old farming trackers visit this page.

In the interest of being efficient, I realized it’s really not necessary to track magic items, vendor gold, repair costs, etc… These are cool pieces of info and will always be available to track via the old farming trackers, however the main focus should be on XP, rares/legendaries, and gold per hour, with a big focus on XP until you hit paragon level 100.

For this reason I’ve simplified the farming trackers a bit. They’re a little less intimidating to fill out and they provide the most useful info for paragon leveling and item tracking.


Simply input the starting time, gold, and experience in their corresponding boxes, play through your selected content and fill out the ending values after you’ve killed your last mob. I’ve found it easiest, especially when trying to get a 5 – 10 run average, to just use a pen and paper to record the values, that way I’m not alt-tabbing in and out of the game every run.

These simplified trackers should make it simple to find the right spots to farm whether you’re looking for XP or gear.

Google Docs Sheets

Note: To use these just log in to your Google account and make sure that you are signed up for Google Drive. Now click File at the top and Make a copy… This will create a copy of the sheet in your Google Docs/Drive and you can edit it as you need to.

Excel Sheets

*These calculators require Microsoft Excel or another program able to open .xlsx files! Sorry.

I hope you find these tools useful! If you don’t have MS Office and wish to use the Excel sheets you can download OpenOffice.org for free here.